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Use our cost estimating calculator and follow the prompts to calculate the cost for replacing  your      roof. 

Our roofing calculator helps you to calculate estimated roofing project costs. The cost of the project changes according to the roof materials, roof size, the roof slope and the complexity of the roof. Construct It All roofing calculator will help to make out the cost differences, so that you can have a better idea of the costs of new roofs and roof replacements. This calculator will give you a close ball park figure which will allow you to feel confident that the price you receive isn’t over charged.  

Calculate your new roof cost.

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Roof Estimate, Roof Prices Calculator for Asphalt Shingles Roof and Metal Roofs
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Make sure children and pets are away from the area or even inside during work. Please remove any wall hangings from the interior or anything that has the possibility of moving from the vibrations. Please move vehicles out of the driveway and a safe distance from construction area. We will necessitate the driveway access to stack materials and park trucks and dump containers. Remove any sensitive items from the exterior of the home that could possibly be damage from falling debris. Make sure the pool and/or hot tub is covered. Be cautious when walking near the construction site. Look for nails and falling debris. After the job is complete also be cautious of stray overlooked nails.


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